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"I can’t breathe"

This is just so sweet. Not just “cheesy.” But this is the real definition of love. The boy is amazing. He loves the girl no matter what disability the girl has. Love is not about the appearance, the skills, abilities or anything else. If you love someone, you have to prove it. You have to be “committed” to that person. You will never leave her no matter what. I hope this is an inspiration to every boy out there. I suddenly realize that there are still people like this. I do hope so.

Kanina pinapunta ako nung dalawa kong katropa sa kanila. Tas pinasundo pa ko dun sa kanto kaso di ko naman nakita kaya wala din. Pagdating ko don, pinakilala nila ko dun sa kasama nila nakalimutan ko na pangalan hahahaha. Tapos kwento ganito, ganyan. Tas laughtrip. Tas napunta na sa seryosong usapan na medyo naiiyak ako. Pinagsabihan nila ako. Parang kuya ko na din naman ang mga yun kaya nakinig ako. Pagkatapos sabi nila “Basta i-text mo lang kami ha.” Naiiyak na ako kanina kasi sobrang hirap na hirap ako pumasok nung nakaraang linggo at nung nakaraang araw. Halos lahat nalang ng first subject di ko inaattendan. Kahit sobrang aga pa kapag nakakarating ako sa lawas, gumagawa ako ng paraan para di makapasok. Kung di ako sasabihan na pumasok, maghapon siguro akong nasa computer shop lang. Tapos sabi pa nung mga katropa ko “Tropa ka namin kaya hindi ka namin iiwan.” Tapos niyakap nila ko. Naiiyak talaga ko nun pinipigilan ko lang. Kasi miss na miss na miss ko na sila. Di ko kasi inexpect na pagbalik ko galing school eh ganon. Nung nandun ako sa bahay ng katropa ko wala sobrang gumaan loob ko. Bago pa ko umalis sa kanila niyakap ulit ako.. Pigil na pigil ko na talaga. Pero tangina ang sakit sakit na.

You came to my life when I thought that love was just a word and forever was just a time.

I was just a simple being with a simple life, never believed to concept of change. I thought being effortless is just okay, free from worries and troubles. I’d seen the world as a continuous routine of life—you wake up, do things, sleep and wake up again. Plain and boring as it seems but that’s how I understood existence. Love, for me, was just a word without any special meaning. I thought loving someone is just a necessity. You love someone because you need it in order to live and satisfy the expectations of our world. You love because you call for each other to survive. Love, for me, was just a requirement of life. Time is something that you can never bring back again once gone astray. I held on to that principle and believed that forever was just a partial time that goes by. I’d heard it often from people and I witnessed how time left behind their forever.

But you came to me in the most unanticipated moment. I never knew that you’ll change the way I see things and understand life. You taught me that life might be a routine but life full of worries and troubles makes it better to live on. You made me realized that life is jam-packed of ups and downs and I should enjoy it like a roller coaster. You taught me to believe in the constancy of change, that, it is something that will make us better. Meeting you made me think that love wasn’t just a word or a requirement of life. Your presence helped me to understand the true essence of love and I’m grateful that I felt that kind of love on you. Loving you isn’t just a necessity but a want. I want you in my life for me to go on. You gave me the forever I never thought I’ll have. You made me hold on to that forever, and now, I learn to value time explicitly those times I spent and I will spend with you. You came to my life and I will be forever grateful that it happened.

May picture na ulit tayo. Oh yan may pag-uusapan na ulit sila. Sayang saya na ulit sila. LOL!

Selfie x4.

Ayoko na ng love. Gusto ko foods.

Love ko yannnnnnnnnnn!

This is to the guy who give her the warmest hug ever. Who wraps his arms around her when she’s cold that her cheeks and nose are already red. Who takes off his coat just to give it to her during their midnight stroll outside the city.

This is to the guy who respects her more than anyone else next to his mother. Who gives his best just to prove he’s trustworthy. Who don’t push her over the limits. This is to the guy who never ask her things he knows she don’t want to do.

This is to the guy who protects her even if it would cost his life. Who’s brave enough to stand up for her and fight for her until the end. This is to the guy who’s not coward to throw a punch once someone starts to disrespect her.

This is to the guy who tries his best to make her happy. Who utter silly jokes just to keep her from smiling. Who wears funny dresses and act like gay in front of her just to see her laugh until her stomach hurts. This is to the guy who dares to do anything to make sure she’s in joy.

This is to the guy who cooks for her. Who research delicious recipes in google and try his hardest to prepare it for her. This is to the guy who tries his best to cook delicacies just to impress her and made her love him more.

This is to the guy who scolds her for being stubborn. Who gets mad when she didn’t take up her meds. This is to the guy who gets upset because he knows she did something wrong.

This is to the guy who takes her to public places and be proud of her. Who holds her hands so tight in streets and parks just to show the world that he loves his girl so much. This is to the guy who dares to shout how much he loves her in front of many people.

This is to the guy who gives her everything. Who sacrifices and who give ways for her not to get hurt. Who loves her without boundaries, doubts and fears. Who loves her for all the she is. This is to the guy who never failed to tell her the simple things that makes him love her. Who never failed to express his feelings and emotions. Who never frightens to show his vulnerable side in front of her. This is to the guy who loves her too much that no one could ever compare.

Hindi ko alam kung anong mali sakin or kung anong kulang sakin kasi halos lahat ng importante sa buhay ko. Iniiwan at kinakalimutan ako. Yung parang isa akong hangin na dadaan-daanan. Ang sakit.

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Yep. Thank youu :)

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